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Tom Bunzel

Tom Bunzel’s New Book:
If DNA is Software, Who Wrote the Code?

The profound significance of Life’s Programming Language

Now available in the ARB bookstore.

If DNA is Software...
Angel cover

Azure Reading Books is proud to present Xandra Xavier,
and her book, “Angel in Disguise”.

Look for it in our bookstore in Paperback, and in Kindle through Amazon.

Xandra will announce her release signing in the next month… stay tuned!


Dana’s Lowerarchy of Needs: A BLOG

Wants vs Needs
Handouts for the poor

Dana’s Lowerarchy of Needs

Dana’s Lowerarchy of Needs is Dana’s next book. However, instead of being published as a traditional paperback book, “The Lowerarchy” is being published in BLOG format. This material is open to the public during the writing process. Followers will have the unique opportunity to provide input in the form of comments.

Dana’s Lowerarchy of needs examines why all of us do what we do… the premise being that EVERY single thing we do… every action, every action, decision and even thought we have is based on some need [we have]. In “The Lowerarchy, Dana breaks down those “drivers” into logical and practical categories, and then examines them in detail. Category examples are “Healthy/Unhealthy Needs”, “Emotional Needs”, “Needs and Wants”, “Physical Needs”, and “Emotional Needs”.

Visit Dana’s blog page:

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